Make Snow Magic :
Home of Kwik-Snow Artificial Snow Powder.
Make Artificial snow anywhere anytime, 365 Days a Year

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Make Snow Magic :
Home of Kwik-Snow™ Artificial Snow Powder.
Make Artificial snow anywhere anytime, 365 Days a Year


Kwik-Snow™ is a fun and exiting product that makes artificial snow in seconds. Kwik-Snow™ will provide hours, days and even weeks of fun for both kids and adults. Now you can have instant snow anywhere on demand even where it never snows, Kwik-Snow™ can make artificial or fake snow even in the middle of the desert. Imagine being the envy of all your neighbors.

Kwik-Snow™ powder sparkles and glistens like real snow and lasts forever with only a spray of water. Make artificial snow in seconds that looks like real snow anytime and anywhere 365 days a year and in any quantity large or small.

Artificial or fake snow is widely used by film and movie industries for their props etc.

Kids absolutely love Kwik-Snow™ powder and it is great as an experiment at home and in school. To make snow instantly simple add a little Kwik-Snow™ powder in a small container and some water and it will increase around 125 times it’s original size in seconds and pour over the edges of the container! Kwik-Snow™ provides loads of fun and is great to play with.

Kwik-Snow™ powder is Great for:

  • Artificial or Fake Snow
  • Holiday and Home Decorating
  • Science Observation, Projects and Experiments
  • Special Effects
  • Props in Movies, Pictures & Photographs
  • Theme Parties
  • Or Use your imagination…. IT’S JUST PLAIN FUN !!!


Use the same Kwik-Snow™ artificial snow as the professionals!

Order today.